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Ariana, 21 | born June 13th | half Egyptian-half Spanish | lives in London UK | studies sport-journalism | proud Girl-Madridista and crazily obsessed with Cristiano Ronaldo ♥
Other loves: Sergio Ramos, Rafa Nadal, Theo James and "Divergent" ;)

"White blood in my veins, pure football in my heart..." Madridista for life ♥
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If I’m a jealous person? Well…I am committed to my girlfriend. I love her very much. I’m aware of the fact that she has her world, her life, just as I have mine. I’m not going to change who I am, just like she’s not going to change who she is…her roots, her values. And that’s why we fit so well. That’s why we are a happy couple, a couple just like made for each other, even though we have different nationalities…
I love her, it’s amazing. I wouldn’t describe myself as a VERY jealous person, but when you truly love someone, you are always a little jealous, no?


Cristiano Ronaldo in a Portuguese Interview recorded in June 2012.

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