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"You want an honest answer?" "Yes, obviously everything is OK." IF HE SAID THIS, IT'S TRUE. Every his fan knows he is an honest man (too honest sometimes though lol).
Are you sure they're together? Or do you think he don't want to say this in an interview?:/

I’m not sure about anything, dear since I don’t live with them and don’t know what happens in their private life. I just told you guys, what he said.

Is there a translated version of the interview in English?

Not that I know.

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For crazy Cé



For crazy Cé

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The love is real 😂


The love is real 😂

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Cristiano on the phone with "Cadena Cope" tonight: Journalist: Cristiano you won the "UEFA Best Player in Europe" award today, congratulations!
Cristiano: Thank you very much. I am very, very happy about it.
Journalist: You were voted the best by almost 60 journalists. Does this make you like us journalists a little more?
Cristiano: *laughs*
Cristiano: *laughs louder*
Cristiano: *laughs even louder*
Cristiano: A little.
AHAHAHA! Cristiano, you're adorable ♥
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The interview is new? I mean, it could have been 2 weeks ago or sth?

It is said that it was recorded a few days ago, this week.

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Ariana, I am in my late 20's and arguably way too old to be following tumblr - but I am a huge cristiano ronaldo fan and I wanted to write to tell you how much I love your blog. I understand that you are a journalism student. As a professional in the field of law, I have to say that I really respect and admire the due diligence and integrity you place in reporting information on your site. I have not doubt that you will be an amazing journalist!

Awww my…you’re so sweet dear! :’)

And’re never too old tofollow what you love. No worries ;)


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I'm so glad that they're together! People always speculate when they aren't seen together /talk about each other! It's as if no one understands the concept of people not wanting the whole world in their business! It's called PRIVATE life for a reason


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When he said "yes" he was not so convinced..